TWOsday v21 // The Bachelor + JustFab

Every time it’s Tuesday, I kind of freak out a little bit because wasn’t it just Tuesday yesterday?

TWOsday //



Let me just go off on a little bit of a rant right now, okay?

The Bachelor is messed up on so many different freaking levels. First of all, the whole idea that there might be a moment in your life where the guy you’re “in love with” either completely breaks your heart OR proposes to you is MESSED UP. How do you move past that? I don’t get it.

Also – why are the women on the show in such a rush to tell him that they love him?

AND. I feel like at some point, while it is based on relationships, the element of competition gets involved… like yeah you like Ben, but at the same time you just want a rose because we definitely don’t want Olivia getting one. So then, is it about Ben or is it about always getting roses? It just is stupid.



Have you guys seen those stupid JustFab commercials? They’re basically about a site where stuff is $39.95 and apparently women go all crazy about it. Here’s a commercial:


It all started when there was a Swagbucks promotion for them. We allllll know I’m all about the Swagbucks. I looked, and they actually had something that I really liked , this grey, drapey pullover:

justfab //

{side note: I sent this picture to Kristen to show the girls the color of my bathroom, and Lucy asked who took the picture of me. LOL!}

Then I forgot to skip a month and I had a credit and since shoes were kind of the one thing I’d allowed myself to really be open to purchasing. I’m all about wedges these days, so I picked up these ones:

bellen shoes justfab //


Ask me how much I love those shoes because the answer is the limit does not exist.

Then. I did it again. I forgot to skip my month. I found myself with credit. AND. They were having a sale on sandals. With my credit, I got these shoes (which are like the Bellens, but without the wedge) –

malonie shoes justfab //


The two pairs of sandals I got:

mae sandals justfab //


and I was SO excited about these ones because they reminded me SO MUCH of a pair I’d seen on Caitlin’s blog.

letty sandals justfab //


Okay ALL OF THIS TO SAY – I don’t normally shop online. It’s just not my thing. It’s dangerous and I like the experience of picking out things to buy and holding them in my hands. But it just so happens that I had THREE pairs of shoes come to my house at the same day.

Here’s the funny part.

The mail lady said she is VERY familiar with JustFab, and I thought… dang these people know their marketing!

Kind of like Target. Target understands their marketing. In fact, I’m pretty sure they have a big portrait of me hanging in their corporate offices for inspiration on how to get my money. Just saying.

Anyway. Don’t sign up for JustFab. I’ve never paid $39.95 for a pair of shoes before, and I don’t ever want to do it again. I did use an affiliate link, though.. so if you happen to NOT listen to my advice, at least it gives me a $10 credit. πŸ˜‰

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