Guest post: Lucy Halter’s OOTD

Yesterday, Layla took over my blog and I said that if you came back today, you’d get to meet Lucy.
Can I just say… if I could pull off this look, I’d probably wear it EVERY DAY, EVERY WHERE? Thai restaurants and Starbucks and weddings and everything.

This sweet little girl has a magic spell over me. She tells me I’m going to Nashville for Valentine’s Day… and then I buy a plane ticket. She’s so sassy and silly and love-y. While I was in Nashville, we decided that if I ever get married, she should be a flower girl. because seriously, who else would appreciate the fancy-ness of a wedding more than this girl?!


What is your name?

How old are you, Lucy?

What is your favorite thing to do?

What is your favorite thing to play?

What do you like to build with blocks?
I like to build castles.

Do you know anyone that lives in a castle?
Um… Princess Sophia. Princess Belle. Aurora.


Hey Lucy.

Tell me about your outfit in these pictures.
All pink. My hat is pink and it has a little bit, tiny holes in it.
and a necklace, it has circle beads.
My dress is pink and it has a purple ribbon.
Pink sparkly shoes.

Why did you choose this outfit?
Because I know you like pink and I wanted to dress all pink for Valentine’s Day and for you.

Where would you wear this outfit?
Valentine’s Day. And to a fancy restaurant. The thai place.

Anything else you want to share with my readers? About the outfit, or yourself, or anything else?
I want to write one thing about my wand. It opens and we can see Aurora. I like ladybugs.



(side note: Ellen and I have those shoes, too!)