As you are reading this, I am flying down to California to surprise some of my favorite little kids at Disneyland. Tough life.


Okay so I used to HATE Dutch Bros. Like… I rolled my eyes whenever someone said their name and I kind of maybe hardcore judged people who were ultra loyal to them. EXCEPT… there’s one right down the street from me and suddenly, almost completely out of nowhere, I have become ALL ABOUT DUTCH BROS.

Iced soy cocomo? Yes please. and just so we can be completely honest here… I definitely drove through the other day, barefoot and in my pajamas. I’m one of those people now.

coffee run // stephanieorefice.net

dutch bros // stephanieorefice.net


The other day I saw someone tweet about Pop Works offering a free sample. I jumped on that, but before I was even able to retweet it… they were out of samples! It was the funnest, cutest little bag of popcorn I’ve ever received in my life.

popworks // stephanieorefice.net

ps this made me think of a video I once made with a (no longer) little girl I used to babysit. Dang I’ve lost a lot more weight than I realize…


So the other day I got this brilliant idea. I wanted a mirror in my bedroom, because that’s where all of the natural light is and how much better would it be to put my makeup on in NATURAL LIGHT! I started looking up mirrors on Pinterest and now I literally have no idea what kind of mirror I want. I went to Home Goods and was completely overwhelmed. I’m not good at big decisions.

all the mirrors // stephanieorefice.net



Earlier this week I was able to sneak in some time at camp. My little birthday buddy, Hannah, is 1.5ish years old. I slept on the couch, and when I woke up and said “Hannahhhhhh,” she ran over to me and climbed on top of me. I’m so glad I get to hug her and love her and know her. and today I’m going to surprise her at Disneyland AHHH! We walked around with Ellen, who I let take my DSLR around because she wants to be a photographer, like me. Her words, not mine. haha. All the proud tears.



You guys.
My job is awesome, seriously.

Last Sunday as I was leaving to go pick kids up, Lucia came in. She was wearing sweatpants, rain boots, a skirt, a dress and a sweater… all hot pink. Loved it. Then Sammie got on the bus… wearing all pink. and then Oliviah got on the bus… all pink. Then the granddaughter of a lady at our church came for the first time… wearing lots of pink. So I rounded them up for a picture and made sure the 4 of them helped collect the offering, haha.

But before offering.. I stood up to sing, and looked down… and Julia had gone ahead and made herself ultra cozy on the pew. I was cracking up. SERIOUSLY. My job.




Well that’s just a bunch of random stuff that’s been going on in my life the past few days. One of these days I’m going to catch up on the comments y’all have left on my blog, okay? Promise. <3

Have the very best weekend in the whole entire world!