Happiest of Fridays and sorry I’m not even sorry for what I’m about to do….

Rebecca Black // Friday //

I can’t believe the first full week of 2016 is over. 1 down, 51 to go. Life zooms by so freaking fast. Cherish every moment.

Let’s do this five random things on a Friday thing.

five on friday //


You guys. Do you remember back in October when I posted my recipe for my Whole 30 Mocha? It’s okay if you don’t remember. I’m not even offended at all. WELL. Around the start of the new year, that post BLEW UP on Pinterest. I don’t think this is “going viral,” but it’s my little blog’s humble version of that.

what. //

Normally I get around 100 views a day (on a good day) and one day I had ALMOST 1,200 VIEWS. WHAT! It’s started kind of slowing down, but it’s still way beyond what I’d normally ever see.


snow thank you //

I’m like freaking Olaf. I… want…. summer. Like now. Actually like five days ago. A few days ago I slipped on ice and ripped my favorite pair of pants and cut my knee up pretty badly… I’m beyond over the ice and cold. Elsa and I disagree. The cold ALWAYS bothers me, BY THE WAY.

and. My shoes. Why am I so late on the Keds bandwagon? Those shoes are Kate Spade + Keds (everyone asks me if I painted them myself! LOL no). I couldn’t find those shoes anywhere but I went ahead and looked at all of the adorable Keds shoes (AND Taylor Swift has a collection with them? My bank account is whimpering). But seriously. I collected some cute ones to show you guys:


layla //

I love when my little best friends FaceTime me. They carry the phone around and it’s like being in the Blair Witch project, but it’s so wonderful. Last night I was at a coffee shop and answered the call. Ernie took the phone for a bit and told me the new music stuff he’s been working on, and then the girls showed me what they have been learning in school (and Lucy proudly spelled the word coffee – I can’t even.) and then Kristen and I talked and dreamed about life, and it was like spending an evening at their house. I’m so grateful for technology.


layla //

Today I’m going to buy a plane ticket to meet one of my favorite families at Disneyland next month. I was so excited I decided to hang up my sequins mouse ears. Because DISNEYLAND. I love Disneyland. 2016 is looking awesome already.


Today I sent out my first weekly recap! I am SO EXCITED for this. It’s just like a little snippet of what’s been going on, in your inbox EVERY FRIDAY. I already have some funny things to share next week. You can sign up anytime in the little box that pops up on the bottom right corner of the screen or enter your e-mail below!


HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND, everyone! But first. What were your high/lows for the first week of 2016?