When it comes to December…

When it comes to December... // stephanieorefice.net


At camp we have all these readings handed to us, and one of the readings has changed my life. It’s the “Summer Slump” reading that they give us halfway through the summer to remind us to finish well. In it is a story of a guy who is a tightrope walker. He says the hardest steps are the last few because there’s a tendency to want to lunge for the platform – to execute those last few steps with less care than necessary and ruin the whole thing.

That’s kind of what December feels like. People suddenly start saying they can’t wait for a new start in a new year. They appreciate Christmas and stuff, but they’re really just over the current year they’re in.


Right now I’m trying to resist the urge to lunge for the platform, to say “I’ll start that habit in January,” or “I can’t wait for a new year and a new perspective.” I still have 28 days of 2015. Six of those days include my favorite Halter family. I have no reason to miss all that is right in front of me because I’m looking to something way out on the horizon.

Today I’m claiming all of the things I’m currently looking forward to in the rest of 2015.

  • Staying at Camp Arnold tonight.
  • Visiting Susannah tomorrow.
  • Finally seeing Becky tomorrow.
  • Evening coffee date with the ultra pregnant Meagan.
  • Our Jingle Bell Breakfast.
  • Church and Bible study.
  • Nashville. Kristen. Lucy. Layla. Ernie.
  • Elf movie night.
  • Christmas concerts with the kids at my church.
  • Distributing toys and food to families in need.
  • Reflecting on the year.

What are you looking forward to on this side of 2016? Share in the comments. I’m slow at responding but I promise I read them!