Andrea Bocelli “Cinema” review

Earlier this week I shared my secrets to a productive morning, but there were a few crucial components I missed, and I can’t believe I would overlook something as important as this:


You can have the list, the food, the coffee, the multi-tasking, the 30|30 app… but if you want to really get your head screwed on straight, you need to have some great music playing in the background.

The thing I love about music is that it can change the mood of a moment, so this morning I decided to put on music that was different from my norm. A few weeks ago I received a copy of Andrea Bocelli’s new album, Cinema, to review. I lit a few candles and got to work.

I knew exactly who Andrea Bocelli was (duh, he’s sold over 80 MILLION ALBUMS WORLDWIDE), but I had never actually listened to any of his music so I’ve enjoyed getting familiar with his music. His voice is big, full, and warm.

This album, Cinema, is a collection of songs from various movies, including West Side Story, Once Upon A Time in America (a duet with Miss Ariana Grande), The Godfather, Scent of a Woman, and even more. It plays much like a soundcheck, which is absolutely brilliant. There are songs in FIVE DIFFERENT LANGUAGES – definitely a worldwide artist.

Next month, on November 27th, PBS is going to be airing a live concert of this collection of songs, simply titled “Andrea Bocelli: Cinema” and I will absolutely be tuning in.

My favorite song off of the album is Moon River from Breakfast at Tiffany’s – it’s a warm, enchanting rendition of a beautiful song.

This collection of songs is perfect for cozy evenings in reading and sipping on a warm beverage… and also for lazy mornings slowly tackling your to-do list.

Cinema is available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon and has only been out for a week, so if you pick it up now you can still jump on the excitement of the album review.

I participated in the Andrea Bocelli “Cinema” album review program as a member of One2One Network. I was provided an album to review but all opinions are my own.