Whole 30 Mocha

** By name, this is SWYPO. But if you read the ingredients, none of this is sugary or sweet. The secret is less in the ingredients and more in the method – the blending to make froth. The same would happen if you just added ghee and cinnamon, coconut oil and nutmeg. This, in no way, satisfies a sweet tooth. It just offers an additional method for making Whole 30 approved coffee. **

If there’s anything you need to know about me, it’s that I love mochas. I mean, I love coffee but I REALLY love mochas. That’s the hardest part of Whole30 for me. Like yeah I want a cookie, but I wouldn’t want a cookie as much if I could just have a mocha. The #whole30 instagram feed has been SO HELPFUL for me as I’ve been navigating Whole 30; I’ve been encouraged and inspired (and able to encourage others!) and I’ve seen so many great ideas.

So when I saw someone had posted a Whole 30 Mocha, I freaked. Up to that point, I’d tried coconut milk with cinnamon, and ghee with cinnamon… and I discovered that this Whole 30 Mocha was perfect for me.

First things first, though. It’s Whole 30. This isn’t comparable to a Starbucks mocha. It’s not super sweet, because.. well.. duh. Whole 30. BUT! It is ULTRA FROTHY, which I find helps me feel fancier about drinking it. It plays tricks with my mind so I’m not thinking I’m enslaved to black coffee.

Whole 30 Mocha // stephanieorefice.net

The steps to this are going to be so incredibly simple.

First. You’ll need 4 things.

  1. brewed coffee
  2. coconut milk (in a can… the carton kind isn’t whole 30 compliant)
  3. cacao nibs OR the Chocolate Powder from Wild Foods Co. (find them on Amazon)… they also have GREAT coffee. My fave is Lumberjack!
  4. a blender

Whole 30 Mocha ingredients // stephanieorefice.net

After getting your ingredients, pour some coconut milk into your blender and add some cacao nibs. I usually use two pinch-fuls. So half a tablespoon. It’s up to you. Pour some of your freshly brewed coffee on top. Again… up to you the amounts. I’m not good at dictating how much of anything, because everyone’s tastebuds are different.

Whole 30 mocha // stephanieorefice.netThen.. BLEND!!! The longer you blend, the frothier it gets. Also, the longer you blend, the more the cacao nibs separate… and yeah cacao nibs are cute and all, but I prefer mine as smooth as possible.

Whole 30 mocha // stephanieorefice.netPour it into a cup, and you’ve got a frothy mug full of Whole 30 compliant mocha.

Whole 30 mocha // stephanieorefice.net

Wild Coffee, Organic Austin Roasted Small-Batch Whole BeanNatural Cocoa Powder, Non-Dutched Natural Process Cocoa Powder, Handcrafted, Single-Origin, Organically Grown, Non-Alkalized Chocolate from Peruvian Heirloom Cacao beans (4 ounce)


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