Debt repayment recap #5

Y’all, I am struggling.

This month was rough.

I didn’t get paid for my vacation time for 4 days after payday, which threw off all of my automatic payments and stuff. and I had a hard time recovering from that.

IN ADDITION to that, I got a bill from my dentist for $190 that hadn’t been covered by insurance. WHAAAT. I spent a lot more at the grocery store because of Whole 30. I went to Target twice – once for a baby shower gift and once for… well, the sad thing is I DON’T REMEMBER. Oh yeah. A candle and face wash and some other things. I was just all over the place.

and you know how sometimes when everything feels all over the place and chaotic, it’s REALLY hard to find your footing?

That’s how I’ve felt all month.

september debt repayment //


August 28, 2015

Car: $19,387
Dental Credit: $0
Credit Card: $1,789

Combined debt of $21,176


September 30, 2015

Car: $19,046 (-1.75%)
Dental Credit (paid off August 2015)
Credit Card: $1,672 (-6.53%)

Combined debt of $20,718 (-2.16%)

I already wrote about the goals I have for October. Right before I started writing this post, I paid my dentist bill with my credit card, paid it off with money in my savings, and now I’m putting my credit card in a safe place out of my wallet. Goal #1 accomplished. Now to keep it there πŸ™‚


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