a kind of person.

This past weekend, I was talking with Sophia about life and faith.

and at one point I said, “I want to be known as a person you’d love on your side because my prayers make stuff happen.”

Later the next day I sat on a rock overlooking the water, and I felt so convicted by that statement.

I don’t want to simply be known as the kind of person whose prayers do stuff.

I want to be a person whose prayers do stuff, regardless of if people know about it or not.

It’s so easy to pursue a reputation; to work hard to be known as a patient, kind, loving, loyal, faithful person. But more important than being known as that kind of person is actually BEING that kind of person. If you ARE that person, the reputation will follow. If you seek the reputation… you might still be a complete jerk.

and man looks at the outside.

but God?

the heart. 

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