Stupid Pinterest + Link Up

It’s finally here, people.

Not only am I sharing ANOTHER Stupid Pinterest… but it’s a freaking PARTY because Breenah and I are collaborating on a link up. It’s monthly so that it gives you time to be constantly keeping your eyes open while you’re on Pinterest.

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PopSugar was behind my Stupid Pinterest post about 7 ways to become a better runner. and here we are again.

79 productive things to do in front of the TV.

Because when we all sit down to watch TV, we’re like “how can I be productive while doing this,” right?

Half of the time the most productive thing I do while I’m watching TV is having the self-control to hit the “OFF” button when the show after the show I’m watching is over.

the other half of the time, the most productive thing I do while I’m watching TV is not taking an entire bag of chips and an entire jar of salsa with me so that I won’t eat all of it.

Am I the only one? Or are there HONESTLY people in the world whose approach to TV is that it’s a time to do anything productive?

Stupid pinterest, making me feel like I am an unproductive TV watcher.

Okay, it’s YOUR TURN! Have you seen any stupid pinterest posts lately??

By Breenah

By Breenah


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September 1, 2015
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  • I always look at these and think “Yeah! I could do that.” but then, no. I just want to veg or knit or blog while the tv is on. I’ll exercise at the gym. ETA: I guess you could consider knitting or blogging being productive in front of the tv, but eh.

  • SEVENTY-NINE?! I mean sometimes I’ll blog with the TV on in the background…and sometimes I do weights or whatever but that’s the extent.

  • the whole reason to watch tv is to relax!!! here’s a tip – if people really want to be productive, turn the tv OFF! 😉

  • Hah oh goodnes, the most productive I am during a tv show is simultaneously reading a book during the commercials haha…that or scrolling through social media. lol

  • relevantjeff

    Productive while watching TV? Noooo nonono. The most I’ll do is read during the commercial breaks. I am kinda excited about Agents of Shield season 3, though.

  • My definition of “productive” in front of the TV is answering emails at the same time.