I Surrender

Recently my friend Phil posted on Facebook asking for people who have a testimony concerning his song “I Surrender” to share it with him. I immediately messaged him, and I wanted to share the song and how it’s impacted my life here as well, because I’m always learning about surrender.

First, the song:

Second. How it’s impacted my life.

Most of the songs I know about surrender are slow and solemn. They make me feel like surrender is someone forcing my fingers out of a clenched hand. I was going through a rough patch in my life when I landed on “I surrender” and I realized how JOYFUL surrender can be when I slowly but willingly unclench my fists and present my open palms to the Lord. and then when it starts listing all of the things I let go when I hold my hands out – my hopes and dreams, my expectations and mistakes – it encourages me to be joyful, to lift my face to the Light and trust that the freedom I feel in the music of that song is what God offers me on an even greater scale when I make even the most humble attempt at living out the words of it.



I surrender by Phil Laeger // stephanieorefice.net