Happy TWOsday :)

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It’s 4:01 pm and I’m waiting for Katie to get to Starbucks. They just played some old school N’Sync and none of the other customers here seemed excited about it even though this is me trying to encourage them to be excited about it:




Okay. So now that we have that out of the way. I have some good news. In case any of you want to join in on TWOsday, I’ve made a little linkup. It’ll happen every Tuesday. Spread the world, y’all.



As Robyn said in response… I recently STUMBLED UPON StumbleUpon. It’s literally the coolest site. You basically tell it your interests and then it brings up a blog/website/etc, and you can read it and then thumbs up or thumbs down it, and it adds it to your “likes” and you can refer to them later. Kind of like Pinterest, but with one actual post at a time. Have you ever used StumbleUpon? Follow me!

ALSO. Side note! If you’re a blogger, YOU CAN ADD YOUR PAGES to StumbleUpon. Just saying.


I love Target, let me make that known. Between the Cartwheel App and the 5% Red Card savings, it’s my go-to place for everything. For the most part, I don’t purchase shoes that often… usually if I find a cute pair at a thrift store. HOWEVER. When Target has a legit clearance blowout on shoes or sandals, I’m all about that. Last week I found these super cute sandals for $9… but they weren’t in my size. To pour salt in my wound, my mom bought them since they were in their size.

But then.

I was at Target. You know, reminding myself of all the things I DON’T NEED…

and I found them.

The sandals.

In my size.

For $9.


cutest sandals everrrr // stephanieorefice.net

They’re still freaking $27 online… but I’d suggest checking out Target’s clearance sandals while you’re there. Mattie scored some cute wedges, too!


So in case you’ve decided to jump on board the TWOsday train, here’s your station. I’ll bring it back around next Tuesday. Also, a train station analogy? I’m so sorry for that, but thanks for sticking around anyway. <3

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