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Last week I wrote about how tired I am of having SO MUCH STUFF, and how having so much stuff actually affects my spending habits. I decided I wanted to UNSTUFF my life, and I wanted to start with my dresser corner – the shelves by the corner of my dresser and the top of the dresser. And I did it!

In case you forgot… this is what it looked like:

too much stuff // stephanieorefice.net


After some carefully thought out rearranging/discarding/etc… welcome to my tiny little place of unstuff:

// stephanieorefice.net

I did some research and discovered that when styling a dresser you should get one big picture to hang on the wall. I went to Target and realized that not only was there nothing there I liked, but I just don’t want to spend that kind of money right now. I drove home and spent time trying to figure out what to put on the wall above the dresser and decided to use these cute little clothespins and some twine (both from the $1 section at Target) to hang up some of my favorite Instax prints.

instax prints // stephanieorefice.net

instax prints // stephanieorefice.net


// stephanieorefice.net

// stephanieorefice.net

Okay let me give you some secrets. That “Do everything in love” print? From Jessica. That “Be brave” print? It’s a framed card sent to me by Robyn. The glass that my cute little succulent is in? Susannah made it for me (the bottom is pink + glittered!). It’s so great to have things that remind me of people who love me.

For my birthday, Lauren gave me a little plaque that says “I love that you’re my sister” and it straight up made me start crying, because… well I’m an only child and hate it. I decided I definitely needed a picture of Lauren + I next to it. Also, did you know I love Curly Girl Designs? Because I do, and I have this cute little decorative plaque next to a picture of me and Taylor. I’d had this little canvas sitting on my shelf and finally finished it by painting HAKUNA MATATA on it. What a wonderful phrase 🙂

// stephanieorefice.net

// stephanieorefice.net

(can you guys just appreciate how old that mary-kateandashley spray is? I keep using it whenever I can, but I don’t remember to very often)

Hey do you remember my nail polish problem? I went through and swiped the top of them so that I can display them conveniently. Can I say that I was SO excited to have the perfect number of nail polishes… then I kept discovering more bottles of Julep nail polish laying around. haha. oh and I painted my shelf pink because… I love pink.

nail polish organization // stephanieorefice.net



Everybody give me a round of applause, people. I am on my way. Next up I’ll be writing books about decluttering for the person who usually calls putting stuff in new places “decluttering” haha.


Round 2, are you ready for it? I’m taking down the top of my desk (the drawers are a whole different beast) and the floor surrounding my desk. Because…. hot mess. Well, maybe minus the hot. Just straight up mess.

// stephanieorefice.net

// stephanieorefice.net

// stephanieorefice.net

Someone join me in this whole unstuffing/decluttering thing, okay?


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July 28, 2015
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  • wow that looks amazing!!! and i love that you framed the card 🙂
    when can you come to my house and help me de-clutter?!?! hehe!

      && i was SO EXCITED when i found it 🙂 now i can think about you all the time!!

  • Woohoo! You go girl! Thanks for having something from ME displayed! <3

  • Okay my eyes were immediately drawn to the MK&A on that spray! I have a radar for them since I was such a huge fan. I’m actually slightly jealous I don’t have any vintage MK&A stuff laying around. 😉 Your dresser is looking amazing! When we move I’m hoping to get a lower, wider dresser like yours instead of my tall one with not a lot of space on top. Last night I finally listed my two big winter coats that have been sitting on top of said dresser for weeks on Poshmark…so I kind of decluttered a little bit? Except I still have the coats so not really.

  • It looks so good!!

    • THANKS sarah! i realized that part of my decluttering means i’ll probably have to provide updates to make sure i’m not just moving the clutter around haha

  • Awesome job! I love all the little organizational hacks, esp the photo collage! Also, I love Curly Girl Designs too!!

    • thanks rachel!!! CURLY GIRL DESIGNS is the BEST!! <3

  • Emily Grace


    • <3 i need the picture of me and you out of my car so i can add it… and then we need to take more <3

  • You did such a GREAT job! It’s a happy wondefful and bright space. I’d love to have that room and all the inspirational things in it.