Things I don’t need more of.

If you remember, last week I mentioned that I’m on a mission to declutter and unstuff my life. As I was cleaning my dresser last week, I realized how much STUFF I have that I don’t even KNOW I have because it’s hiding under piles of more STUFF! Just so much stuff.

and there’s some stuff I am constantly buying because it makes me feel happy to buy it or I feel like a more legit blogger if I buy it or because I’m straight up too lazy to care for the ones I already have (cough bobby pins cough).

So here’s a list of things I don’t need more of. I’m posting it because then I’ll feel accountable to not buy these things.

Things I don't need more of //

  • Nail polish
    Need I say more? I’m looking at you, Julep.


  • Bobby pins
    Let’s be real… bobby pins are the pennies of girls hair care. We leave bobby pins all over the place all the time, everywhere. Instead of keeping good track of the 100 or so bobby pins we buy at once, we become careless and constantly need to replenish our supply. I’m calling BS. I’m not buying any more bobby pins until/unless I’m at 0 bobby pins.

  • Notebooks
    EVEN if they’re cute, I don’t need them. Not for journaling or brainstorming or letter writing or anything. I DON’T NEED MORE!

  • Smelly things
    Every year. That’s the answer to the question “how often do people give you gift sets of body spray/lotion?” I don’t need any more. I’m drowning in lotion. Not literally, but you know.

  • Writing utensils
    I’ve got the whole pen situation under control. I tested a bunch of the pens to see if perhaps (and hopefully) some of them weren’t working so I’d be able to invest in a whole bunch of brand new pens but alas.. they all worked.

  • Camp Arnold hoodies
    I have like 10 of them. But they’re all different colors, sizes and styles. That’s about 9 too many.

  • Books
    So far this year, I have finished reading ONE book. Just one. My stack of books to read is massive… we’re talking 30-40ish books I’ve never read. I don’t need a single new book until I die at this rate

Are there things in your life that you tend to collect or buy at the store that you really don’t need or use at the speed you replenish it? Now that I’ve posted this list I’m holding myself accountable to NOT PURCHASING ANY OF THEM until or unless I get rid of/run out of them.