I’m about to brag, so get ready.

Debt sucks. Like it really sucks. There’s stuff I want to do in my life but then I’m like… oh yeah, debt. and I’m over it. I mean, I’ve been over it for awhile but I’ve started to impatiently refresh my Mint app and check my balances and count down the days until I’m paid so I can make another payment and watch the number continue to go down.

Last week I got impatient. I try to read at least one blog post or financial article a day, just so I can stay excited and keep my eyes on the debt-free prize. I recently read one about debt repayment (and had talked to Ernie about it once before) that said to not worry about your savings while you’re in debt. Obviously a rainy day savings is good so that should something happen, you won’t need to put money on credit. But Ernie said that for my lifestyle, $500 would be a good emergency savings.

I had $871 in my savings, and I got to thinking about my emergency savings account that earns me .01% interest (aka A FREAKING PENNY) every month. Each  month I have paid around $20 in interest on my dental account. While money is just sitting. Seems really stupid to me.

I took a risk.

I transferred $370 out of my savings and made a $370 payment the day after my normal $100 payment went through.


paid off 33% of one of my debts this week, no big deal // stephanieorefice.net


June 30, 2015: $1,368
July 9, 2015: $915 (-33.11%)


I know that a credit balance of $2500 doesn’t seem like much to tackle, but the thing I’m gunning for is actually my $19,900 car balance… but I can’t get to that until I push through these other little ones. I think that will be the point that I literally turn into an insane person about debt repayment, because that will be the only thing in-between me and being COMPLETELY DEBT FREE. But $19,900 is a big only thing.

If you have any debt, I want to challenge you to put even just $20 extra towards your debt RIGHT NOW. What will that cost you? Making coffee at home, or bringing your lunch, or even (heaven forbid) getting creative with what’s in your kitchen? Perhaps cleaning out your closet instead of going shopping, or DIYing a facial scrub instead of buying a new one since you’re running low?

Just $20.

I dare you.