The New Cabins

In case you’re new to my corner of the internet or you perhaps don’t think about Camp Arnold every single day like I do, let me remind you of some stuff.

I love camp, all year round.

Last year, Camp Arnold began the process of tearing down the A-Frames. I got to see the cabins being torn down. AND THEN, y’all. THEN. I saw the emptiness.

BUT NOW. Not only are there four big new cabins where the old ones used to be… but God has gifted me my own memories of those cabins. On the first night that campers slept in the new cabins, I got to say goodnight to the girls and tell them how they’d been prayed for all year.

Camp Arnold //

and then.

Then God did something amazing.

I showed up again the following Sunday evening. I was talking to Sarah when I got a text from her husband Mark (who is the camp director) asking me about how long I was planning on being at camp. It turned out… they needed a counselor for a few days. Actually, they needed a counselor for the exact amount of time I was going to be at camp. So uh.. heck yes.

Camp Arnold //

The first night of that camp, as I stood in the middle of the cabin giving a devotion, I was overwhelmed with the beauty of that moment. I’ve been a counselor before. In 2005, 2008, for a week in 2011 and for an evening last week. When I took my “real job,” the hardest thing to sacrifice were summers at Camp Arnold. I’d always be a visitor and always be on the outside.

But there I stood, entrusted with the care of 10 brilliant little girls as their camp counselor.

Camp Arnold //

On Tuesday night before I left to go back to my real job,  I sat by the lake. I listened to the birds and the bullfrogs and sipped my coffee. I spread my heart out before the Lord and said “this is my home. this is where I belong. this is where I come alive. this is where I need You the most desperately. this is my heart. please bring me back.”

You can take me out of Camp Arnold.
But you will never take Camp Arnold out of me.

I hope that at one point in the future I’ll be able to have another summer at camp, but even if not.. I’ll take all of these tiny moments that God gives me.