Jesus is rescue.

 on Monday evening I had the honor of giving the devotion to a group of pre-teen girls. I read the the verse before John 3:16, about the Son of Man being lifted up just like Moses lifted the snake in the desert. Then I read the snake story.

And I talked about how we’re surrounded by poisonous snakes (often the consequence of our own poor decisions, kinda like the Israelities) that we need to be saved from.

We don’t just need help. We don’t need poisonous snake management tips and tricks. We need RESCUE; we need a way out.

Jesus is that. He doesn’t just say “rub this balm onto your snake bites,” He was raised on a cross and said LOOK TO ME AND BE SAVED.

If we only turn to Jesus for help, then we’re settling. Yes, Jesus helps us… but more than that, he freaking RESCUES us.

Light in my darkness,
Peace for my soul,
You are my rescue;
You never let go.