instablogging – en route to california

i’m trying this new thing, this new idea. this is me writing a blog post… from my phone. 

heading to california with our bible bowl team because we’re in the CHAMPIONSHIP GAME.

and i hate clogging instagram. and i like to put things on my blog as opposed to facebook. and so this is instablogging. pictures edited for instagram but put on my blog because there’s a bit too much for an instagram caption.

pdx is known for being kind of… weird. we’re weirdos, okay? we even have the words “KEEP PORTLAND WEIRD” painted on a building. one of the things we’re weird about? the carpet at our airport. seriously, google it. it’s the thing. EXCEPT they’re getting rid of our old, beautifully bright carpet and replacing it with… way less wonderful stuff. EXCEPT!! i know of a magic little place beyond the coffee people in the southwest terminal where there’s a patch of old carpet tucked away by the new carpet. i will be oh so sad when all of our fabulous old carpet is gone. at least i can buy #pdxcarpet socks online.

  almost on the plane! 

  luckiest girls on the whole flight because they got to sit by me πŸ™‚

  i travel all the time, but mostly alone. having someone to give my pretzels to is the best.

  this picture accurately describes me and victoria. it actually is my new favorite picture. youth pastoring is the best. 
okay. posting this as a trial run, to test this instablogging thing. i’m actually super down with it. thoughts from you, people of the internet?