Four ways to make money online.

Last Wednesday I posted a few blogging tips. Wednesdays, if you recall, are my days to post about blogging or finance. Today we’re covering something that falls into both categories.

Ever since I’ve been on this debt repayment journey (I’m SO EXCITED about my progress this month!) I’ve been thinking a lot about side hustle. The easiest side hustle gig for me is babysitting, but I’m also trying to figure out ways to generate income online. Right now my monthly financial reports are based on debt repayment but I dream of one day being able to post my income reports. We’ll get there.

Here are four ways to make money online. Note that I did not necessarily include the word “easy.”

4 ways to make money online //


ONE: Linqia
Linqia is a pay-per-click campaign site for bloggers. After applying, if you are accepted, you wait for an invitation to a campaign. So far, I’ve done one for Del Monte Juice and Kotex. You are reimbursed for the product, and then you create your story and use your unique link. You are paid per click, so creative storytelling is necessary. In my two campaigns, I’ve made $44. It’s not a lot, but I enjoyed the opportunity to work on my sponsored post content and my social media marketing. The campaign opportunities haven’t come consistently for me, so you might have to wait a bit… but I really have had fun with them!


TWO: Swagbucks
I’ve done a whole entire post dedicated to earning gift cards through Swagbucks. One of the options for gift cards is PayPal cash! Which equals.. well.. cash! Some of the ways to earn are SUPER easy and can be done during the time your favorite TV show is on a commercial break.


THREE: ShareASale
ShareASale is an affiliate marketplace with TONS of different online retailers you can partner with. You can post ads, create posts around your favorite products and promote sales. For any sales made through your clicks, you’ll earn a portion of the sale. A lot of people say that affiliate programs only work if you have a lot of traffic. I think this is kind of true. The more people that view your site, the more likely you are to have someone click on it. However, if you do a good job of product promotion, you can still make a little bit of money.


FOUR: Amazon Associates
Amazon Associates is an affiliate program like ShareASale, but because Amazon is such a popular retailer, there’s a much greater chance that someone will make a purchase after clicking on your link.The great news is that if you promote a specific product and they choose not to buy that but instead stock up on diapers or something.. you still get a percentage of the diaper sale!


It’s easier to make money when you have more traffic… just like if you had a clothing store, it’s quite possible that you could have a few people that make huge purchases, but for the most part you want more people to come in and out of your doors because then there’s a greater chance that someone will buy something.