Obviously it’s no big secret that I’m kind of on the struggle bus these days. I’m super hurt and frustrated, a little angry and a lot sad. So I’ve been keeping really busy.

Kristen had me sign up for this bikini challenge and I’ve literally done NONE of it because I’ve been trying to stay so busy. We had really high hopes for the bikini challenge, though.

bikini challenge

So the good news is that despite not doing a great job of the bikini challenge, I’ve still lost a few pounds. On my 101 in 1001 list is a goal to lose 20 pounds. I’m a little over halfway there. Props to myself… I am awesome.

This is what my life has been like the past week or so.

dentist //

I’ve spent a lot of time with my dentist. I love post-dentist selfies because I look super fly when I try to smile really big.

will travel for hugs //

Mary-Keith casually threw out that she was going to have a layover in Seattle… if I was interested in keeping her company for a few hours. Ummmmm… yes please. So I took my pre-packed suitcase, changed into a happy spring outfit and headed north.

Want to hear a funny story? Yes you do, you’re reading my blog. 🙂

Mary needed some medicine, so we went in search of a Walgreens.. but as we got on the freeway, they were like “is that the Space Needle!?” when we saw the Seattle skyline in the distance. We decided it was important that they get to see Seattle, so we drove by the Space Needle. Since we were nearby I decided they needed to see Pike Place. Even though Mary was nervous about being late, I insisted that she see the first ever Starbucks.

As we’re walking, Mary-Keith and this lady start freaking out. Here’s the deal with the people in that picture, L-R

Emily – my best friend who lives in Seattle. Her parents are officers in The Salvation Army.
Me – best friend of Emily who lives in Portland. Mary-Keith is my blog person. 
Sara – Mary-Keith’s favorite teacher who lives in St. Louis. In the Salvation Army. Knows Emily’s parents, had never met Emily.
Mary-Keithmy blog person who lives in Michigan and was there for a 4 hour layover. Just met Emily. 

Um… how crazy is that? I was driving home and I was like “I see you, God.” I desperately needed that small little connection to remind myself that God’s in control of the tiny small details.

#upperleftusa //

As I was driving home, Mt. Rainier was out in all her glory and I missed him. We both love Mt. Rainier and I wanted to be able to tell him that I was looking at her and she was beautiful. It was rough. I put Ernie‘s song “Still Alive” on repeat and rolled down the windows and breathed in air and remembered that God’s got me.

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 11.33.07 AMMy dad and I have been trying to find a new place for our Daddy/Daughter coffee dates. We went to Thatcher’s Coffee, which is so warm and inviting. I love being able to find local places without having to cross the river into Portland.

Allen Stone at the Roseland Theater in Portland, OR //

Sunday my friend Al was in town. Before his show he hugged me a lot and reassured me of my worth. Then he put on one of the best shows I’ve ever seen, and I’m not just saying that because I’m biased. If I could spend a week of nights with Allen… I’d be sitting good.

I’m chugging along. God is within me, and I am determined to let Him shine through the little broken cracks of my heart.

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