#kissmyselfimsopretty15 & 12×30 challenge

#kissmyelfimsopretty15 // stephanieorefice.net
Hey, have you figured out yet that I love the song Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars? If you’re like “huh?” please click the link in that first sentence. and prepare to be blown away.

Bruno Mars is freaking AWESOME. I’d say he is ONE FLY BROTHER, but apparently that’s not the hip thing to say anymore (according to the teens in my church). HOW MANY PEOPLE can rock a pink blazer and wear curlers onstage and still be so freaking cool? Just Bruno, man. Just Bruno.

You know who shares my love for the Uptown Funk? Mary-Keith. A few weeks ago I discovered this 12×30 challenge (which is COOL) and shared it with her. So we’re doing it together.  I was thinking about the first theme – LOVE YOURSELF – and at first kind of groaned in my heart. I don’t want to do some ultra-weird affirmation of self-beauty type thing, which is what I immediately thought of.

I remembered a few Januarys ago, when I wore and documented a different outfit every day for the month and I convinced Mary-Keith to do it with me this January. Because here’s the thing. I’m insecure. About how I look. My hair is weird and I bite my nails and I always feel like I come across as a 6-year-old girl playing dress up in grown up clothes. Because of that, I rarely take pictures of myself, let alone pictures of what I am wearing.

So I’m facing that. I’m taking a picture of what I am wearing every day for the month of January. So is Mary-Keith. and we want YOU to join us. Try it once. try it twice. or four times. I don’t care. But for those of us who aren’t fashion bloggers, we rarely have an excuse to document what we’re wearing and I say YOLO.

Oh. and for the record? We definitely came up with a hashtag because we want to be able to tell you how cute your shirt is.

Take some OOTD pics and slap on #kissmyselfimsopretty15 …LIKE FROM UPTOWN FUNK.

You in??