#GotItFree: Influenster

#got it free; ways to find free products for sampling and reviewing for your blog // stephanieroefice.net

Recently I wrote a blog post listing reasons why I blog, and I mentioned that I liked getting free things. Since then I’ve had a few people ask me about that… ESPECIALLY since I’m actually not that great of a blogger. AND I try my best to not be ultra spammy about things (including myself, which is a huge reason why I’m not that great of a blogger).

I decided to share the love and share some of the ways I’ve received free products for sampling and/or review. These programs are 100% free of charge, but may require a blog post or social media shares.

#gotitfree: influenster // stephanieorefice.net

One of my favorite programs is Influenster. Once you create your profile, you unlock relevant badges by answering questions and posting reviews about certain topics, like travel or pop culture or beauty or fashion. You connect your social media accounts and between your badges and your social media influence, you have the opportunity to receive a Vox Box, which is a box full of products curated by Influenster for your sampling. Blog posts and social media sharing is part of the program and helps you remain in good standing for future Vox Boxes.

I don’t consistently receive opportunities for Vox Boxes (even though I want to SO BADLY!) – but in the past I’ve received Mary Kay makeup, dish soap, a toothbrush, a razor and a VoxBox full of active lifestyle products.

Influenster is one of the coolest programs in my opinion… mostly because I LOVE the idea of Vox Boxes full of an assortment of random products geared towards the way I already live my life. The social media challenges and tasks are small but powerful, and they are SO interactive on Twitter, which is brilliant. Influenster… pick me for EVERYTHING! And there’s this super brilliant Influenster App that helps you stay connected and engaged from your phone. You can answer questions and post reviews — you can even scan a product barcode and use that to write a review!

I did a quick Google search and found a few blog posts that show off different VoxBoxes from the past and wanted to share them with you (I received the Go VoxBox this summer and loved it!) :

Are you signed up with Influenster? If so, how has your VoxBox luck been?