5 things your emoji history says about you.

5 things your emoji history says about you // stephanieorefice.net & marykeithp.blogspot.com

A few weeks ago, Mary-Keith mentioned how you could tell a lot about a person by looking at their emoji history. As a person whose love language just might be Emoji, I completely agreed. We immediately exchanged screen caps of our “recently used” and laughed at the silliness of it.

Then we were like…. but no really. What if we posted our “Recently used” emoji histories and then dared everyone else to tell us what it says about them. I mean, we’re all pretty fluent in emoji anyway, right?

At first, I almost cheated. I almost went back to the original exchange between Mary-Keith and I, because I didn’t think my emojis were interesting enough. I tend to stick to a few favorites. Anyway. Moving on. Here are my recently used emojis AND what you can learn about me from therm.


ONE  // 
I am overdramatic. See that top left one? That’s actually the one I use for “MY LIFE IS ENDING.” It’s the way I feel when something happens and I go “Nooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!” ..and that happens a lot. Because I’m overdramatic to the absolute EXTREME

TWO // 
I am really emotional. Look at the wide range of emojis! Most of mine are actually the little faces that attempt to demonstrate feelings. You’ve got your teenager (the “My life is ending” one), the tears of joy so funny I’m crying, the hearts out my eyes which is basically “this is perfect,” pretty generic rosy cheek, the line face one which in my opinion is a great alternative for eye rolls, a wink, a sad face, a sleepy face, one of those cheesy grin faces AND the wink whistle blow hearts face. BASICALLY IT’S JUST A LOT OF EMOTIONS AND I FEEL THEM ALL THE TIME!

This one might be a bit obscure, but I have the humor of a 2nd grader. See the two dancey girls? and see the air next to them? Those go together. Usually I do the air puff after the elephant emoji and it looks like a giant fart. It worked out well when used with the two girls who look like they are dogs peeing on a fire hydrant, because it kinda seems like they’re ultra gassy. Like leg up in the air gassy. And that is HILARIOUS.

FOUR // 
Coffee. I love it. I emoji it. Coffee emoji might be my love language. BUT what you might not know is that secretly hidden in my emojis is the name of my favorite place that makes DELICIOUS soy coconut mochas. First there was one Pines location. Then there was a second, bigger Pines location. Ryan who owns the place referred to the first one as “Little Pines.” I call it Baby Pines, even though it was first. It’s smaller. Small equals baby.

FIVE // 
I love things. I love all the things. I love to love all the things. Whether it’s a hearts out my eyes love, a hearts out my mouth love or just straight up floating hearts (you have to use multiple ones of the floating hearts to REALLY get your point across), I just love to love things. and I love hearts. and emojis. So I love to demonstrate my love for loving all the things with emojis with hearts. If only they made a glitter emoji… and if only I could have followed that statement with a hearts out my eyes emoji.


Also, now that I think about it…. does anyone else have names for their emojis? Like I have hearts out my eyes and almost an eye roll and tears of joy so funny I’m crying and this is perfect. Those are their official, scientific names. In my book, at least.

Now it’s your turn. Screen cap your recently used emojis RIGHT NOW, THIS VERY SECOND. Then upload them and write a post explaining 5 things they say about you, and then come back here and link up with Mary-Keith and I!

5 things your emoji history says about you // stephanieorefice.net & marykeithp.blogspot.com


  1. November 20, 2014 / 8:10 am

    what a fun linkup! I’ll have to take a look at my recent ones. heart eyes is definitely on top! haha

    • November 20, 2014 / 3:56 pm

      heart eyes is basically the most classic one in the history of all time, ever…. amiright!? haha

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