How to make the most of your Birchbox subscription

how to make the most of your birchbox subscription //
After months and months of hard work, I have finally crossed over into the land flowing with perks and samples.

I have become a Birchbox Ace. !!!!!! You know what that means? That means that me and Birchbox are BFF and I want to help all of you make the most out of your Birchbox subscription. Keep reading to find out some tips I’ve used to help me make the most out of my Birchbox subscription!

how to make the most of your birch box subscription //


You know why people set up incentive programs? It’s because they want your business. They want you to be all in with them. I’m all in with a few things. I’m all in with Southwest airlines, my Target debit card & cartwheel app, Swagbucks, Starbucks Gold card… and Birchbox. Forget that other things exist. There is no Ulta. There is no Sephora. There is just Birchbox. Unless Birchbox doesn’t have what you want, then you can go to Ulta (and use the rewards card, dangit!)

Usually you get 4-5 samples in your Birchbox. You have a few weeks to sample your products and then leave reviews on, and for every review you post they will give you 10 Birchbox points. Every 100 points = $10 to use in the Birchbox store. That means that every 2-3 months, with faithful reviewing, you earn $10 to spend in the Birchbox store. And there’s TONS of stuff for under $10, OR you can stockpile them!

#3. Shop!
Every $1 spent = 1 Birchbox point. If you LOVE an item (like I love these) then buy them from Birchbox. It all goes back to #1.

#4. Take advantage of codes and discounts.
Every so often, Birchbox will send out an e-mail with a discount code. Because I exclusively shop at Birchbox, these codes are like Christmas presents, because I can often replace my favorites at a fraction of the cost. They’ll occasionally run promotions where you can get extra points if you spend a certain amount – I try and hold off for either a discount or a promo in order to make the most of my purchase.

Before you buy any items in your cart, head over to the Bonus Shop and look around – your purchase may be eligible for additional samples. Right now, for example, if you spend $35, you can get two mystery samples included in your order. It’s an easy way to keep the samples headed your way. And how about that one time I scored this full-size face scrub for free in the Bonus Shop? I’ve replaced it twice when I need to give myself a break from the honey/nutmeg/cinnamon scrub I usually use.

how to make the most of your birch box subscription //

#6. Refer your friends.
For every friend you refer, you earn 50 points. Not only that, but they often run promotions and contests where you can earn a free Birchbox if you refer friends! You know a great way to refer friends? Talk about Birchbox! Post about it on your social media accounts and let people know that you are a Birchbox subscriber and love it. People have probably heard about it at this point and if they’re on the fence, they’ll want to talk to someone about their experience.. be that person!


Follow these tips and soon you’ll be a Birchbox Ace with me! πŸ™‚

Do you subscribe to Birchbox? Have you found any products you love? I want to know! πŸ™‚


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October 2, 2014
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  • I think I’ve read like 2000 birchbox posts and this is the first one I’ve ever read that makes me want to sign up!

    • my job here is done!
      (mic drop)