Weekly Wishes | #4

Daaaangit I missed last week’s wishes, so let’s just start fresh….ish. Because maybe I also didn’t do too awesome at the last weekly wishes, either. haha. AND I’m barely making this for Monday. It’s SO HOT… I tried to nap, but it was too hot to nap! It’s been a weird day. SO ANYWAY, MOVING ON.

  • hit my fitbit goals every day {guys. Ernie got a fitbit. I am so happy about this!}
  • 17 miles {I was doing SO WELL at the 14 miles and I want to take it up a notch}
  • write a letter to Dana {yes, STILL!}
  • make popsicles! {except where do I buy a popsicle mold? HELP!}
  • paint all 20 of my nails {because they are looking pretty bad}
  • read a book

Do you have any goals for this week?

Also does anybody else watch The Bachelorette? because Nick looks like the store-brand version of Michael Buble… anybody else see it?


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