Weekly Wishes #1 | July Goals


I always watch people post their Weekly Wishes and monthly goals and stuff, and I’ve finally decided to jump on board. Mostly because I saw Jess post it and I really think she’s so cool. I’m only doing five, because I’m trying to be realistic and most of them are things that have to be done over and over, they’re not one time things to do.

1. Catch up on reading the Bible in 90 days.
My friend Brittany is reading the Bible in 90 days, and I joined her. I’ve been consistently reading large chunks of my Bible, but I got a little behind in the beginning and I want to be caught up.

2. Make popsicles
It was on my Summer bucket list. and the weather is beautiful. There’s absolutely no reason not to.

3. Finish a 30-day photo challenge
I usually think of these things on like day 4 of the month… but tomorrow starts July, so I can start on day 1. Going the super cliche route and jumping on the #fmsphotoaday bandwagon.


4. Get rid of 100 items
I did this last August, and I’ve been consistently simplifying my life since then… but there’s still TONS of “things” cluttering my life.

5. 40 miles.
I pledged to walk/run 365 miles this year with my friends…. so far I’ve done 19 of those. Oops. I should be aiming for 2 miles a day, but I’m not going to get too ambitious here.


Do you participate in Weekly Wishes? Share your link in the comments so I can see yours!