social media + blogging + me + whatever.

I finally finally finally had coffee with Susannah, for the first time at least in all of 2014 we decided. I really love her. She is grounded and wise and just all around great.

So I started asking her about blogging. Because despite how it might look…. I really love my blog. I love having a blog and thinking about my blog and basically I love every part of my blog except for when I sit down and click “Add New” in the post area. Then I stare at the blank box and go “WHO EVEN CARES ABOUT WHAT I HAVE TO SAY!?”

This is what’s weird.

You know where I’m the most active?

Freaking TWITTER.

You only get 140 characters and I blow that stuff UP! Seriously I update my twitter like woah.

Then you move onto Facebook. and I’m less active there. Every so often. Definitely not daily or even every other day.

Now let’s land here, on this blog with all the characters in the world, with the opportunity to be customized (GLITTER!) and I am like paralyzed when it comes to updating it.

What. the. heck. Why!? Why am I not consistent across the board with my social media-ing? I’m just a weirdo I guess. I just want to reclaim this space as my own.

Screw what the blogging culture looks like. Screw fancy pictures and pin-able posts and blah blah blah.

Screw all of that. I’m tired of caring about that crap, I’m tired of being worried about my ‘image’ and I’m just gonna do me.

Kind of like this girl:

Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 1.37.44 AM

Lucy Halter, keeper of my heart.