Magical May: The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror


There’s one ride that I have never been on and had no desire to go on. The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. I mean… there wasn’t any single part of me that felt inclined to go on this stupid ride. I HATE sudden drops. Rollercoasters are awesome except steep falls down. So the thought of sitting in a makeshift elevator that drops you seemed beyond stupid.

But then Rachel AND Taylor wanted to go on it. and I wanted to be around my friends. So we got Fast Passes for Tower of Terror and I basically walked around wanting to pee myself. Finally it was time to go, and I was so scared and nervous. THEN we got the creepiest guy in the whole entire world, EVER. He was just really creepy. Which was awful and awesome at the same time.

It was so weird to me that I was riding a major attraction at Disneyland for the first time, and a lot of the fear was the unknown.

I basically lost my voice SCREAMING THE WHOLE ENTIRE TIME. Rachel sent me the picture she snapped of our ride photo. I was too busy shaking and trying to calm down to even notice, haha.

Screen Shot 2014-05-17 at 11.32.39 PM

I hope you can understand through this picture how terrified I was. Because I was like beyond terrified.

Everyone kept asking me if I had fun, and I decided that I couldn’t make a decision because I’d spent too much time scared of the whole idea to even begin to process the ride itself. Maybe next time I’ll go on it and have a better idea since I’ll know what to expect.

Some deets about the Tower of Terror:

  • The Tower of Tower is the tallest attraction in all of Disneyland and one of the tallest buildings in the city of Anaheim!
  • In order to keep the spirit of the Twilight Zone, Disney Imagineers watched every episode of The Twilight Zone… twice.
  • The ride was designed to drop slightly faster than gravity pulls. So if I was ever in an elevator falling out of control.. it would be slower than this ride!
  • all throughout the queue and even in the gift shop are throwbacks to Twilight Zone episodes and stories. I personally am not a huge fan of the show, so the list is BORING to me.

Are there any rides in a Disney park that you REFUSE to go on?

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  1. susana mladenovski
    May 29, 2014 / 6:45 pm

    well def this one would be one of the many i refuse to go to lol. I am so scared of heights, that i hardly ever ride anything unless its a kids ride :D. Sent by Shane and love the blog

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