look what you did to me, autumn.

I’m pretty okay with this whole fall thing. Pumpkin spice is a pretty good creamer, boots are pretty cool and aside from the fact that I got rid of 95% of my cardigans earlier this year so I’m kind of always chilly… fall is alright with me.

Pumpkin patches and carvings. Plaid. Cider. Honey sticks. Costumes. Harvest parties.

The other day I was at Camp Arnold, talking to Ellen about leaves. How they fall off trees, but it’s not a bad thing. Because they come back in the spring, all full of hope and life and stuff. So I have started to walk slower, to really take in the last moments of seasons full of life and energy and embrace fully the quiet, cozy seasons that will be arriving soon.

What a fantastic world we live in, where trees become engulfed in flaming colors and fall to the ground, the air changes and the days shrink. Part of the spiraling adventure of a life lived with eyes wide open.

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