#2. This is ↣ Andrew Fries

andrew This is Andrew Fries.

I don’t remember meeting him, but I’ve only really considered him my friend since May, when we walked around Portland with our friend Carmen who was visiting the area.

I guess he likes pie or something because the last day I saw him he had eaten a half a pie plus another slice.

A few years ago he participated in the Revolution Hawaii program and he recently left to take a job with them. I know that he is going to be used in great ways and will bring much joy there. But I am sad because he makes me laugh and he is very patient with my inability to text message.

He instagrams a lot of pictures of the Bible while he is at Stomping Grounds and I made him get coffee with me there once. When I walked in, I saw him at a table against the wall, Bible open. Pretty much how I always imagine him when I see the pictures.

When I think of Andrew, I think of the words laid-back, playful and passionate. He reminds me of wind, for some reason. Breezing through certain times and certain places. Strong and unstoppable in others. RevHi is lucky to have him, and I am glad he is still an indecipherable text message away.


i miss you already, andrew!

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  1. Andrew Fries
    September 6, 2013 / 1:08 am

    You are very sweet. 🙂 Thanks Steph.

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