#1. This is ↣ Sara Ray


sararayThis is Sara Ray.

On this particular day, she texted me and asked if she could stay the night at my house, so I picked her up at Starbucks and told her we were going to the water. Good stuff happens with your feet near the water. and good stuff happens when you’re with Sara Ray. We stayed until it started to get dark, talking about worship, reading the Bible, and collecting the tiniest shells we could find.

Prior to meeting her, I’d heard her name – full name, of course; she has one of those names where it’s nearly impossible to leave out her last name – a handful of times, and was overjoyed to discover that she and I had so much fun together that sitting side-by-side in our Divisional Youth Chorus was a terrible idea for our productivity.

She loves snapchat and adds “bro” to the end of half of her phrases. Our text messages are beginning to consist of nothing but random emojis. Her diet is void of gluten and dairy.

Within the next few weeks, she will be relocating to the Portland area and will begin attending our church. Our congregation will be gaining a gifted musician and young adult. The youth will be gaining an energetic role model and I personally will be gaining a compadre in crime.

When I think of Sara Ray, I think of the words spunky and hopeful.



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