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A few years ago I had this idea. I would have a bunch of conversations and write all about them and it would be cool and I’d learn a lot and… so on and so forth. It was really great for awhile. I met new people and had some good conversations and wrote about it.

One day I drove to Seattle to ride with someone I’ve never met to a tulip festival two hours away. As Megan and I sat in the backseat talking…. I realized that I didn’t want to write about conversations. It had initially seemed like a really cool idea, but what I wanted to write about were the people behind the conversations. Not just “here’s what we talked about,” but “here’s who this person is.”

On my 101 list was “start my people project,” which just means to START WRITING ABOUT PEOPLE. I’m learning a lot about myself; how I like to only do things if I have carefully planned them out and troubleshooted all foreseeable problems. Which… never happens and I just end up with ideas I do nothing about.

In Sunday School, we talked about putting out into deep water. How we can experience water in so many different ways; we can stand on the shore with the water around our ankles. How we can be in a boat, tethered to the shore and hovering over shallow waters. How we can be in a boat dipping our toes over the edge into deep water. Or how we can put out into deep water and then DIVE IN.

Time to dive. My people project starts next Thursday.


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