Nothing but gas // Update #2

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I forgot to pack a lunch and even though I had my $5, my dairy/gluten aversion limits my options. However, Hilary came over and told me that the Community Lunch was chef salad, so I was able to eat a free, safe lunch. Thumbs up.

Spent the whole evening writing and reading and enjoying free refills on an iced coffee at Starbucks that I was undercharged for.

We spent the day clearing out the room outside of my office. Before our corps council meeting in the evening, armed with my $5, we went to Subway. I’d figured I’d get a salad and dip into my $5 weekly allowance. But GOD BLESS THOSE PATTERSONS, they bought my salad. I almost cried.

Spent the day with one of the coolest girls I know. I’d been saving up my Starbucks Rewards so that I could still treat people. We walked around the mall and played cards and then Cassie had us over for dinner. Cassie blessed me infinitely with her hospitality.

I worked a little bit, and then went to Barnes and Noble with my mom. If I were to make a list of things I have way too many of, it would be this: nail polish (I BITE MY NAILS for crying out loud!), smelly things and BOOKS. My bookshelf is full of books I’ve never read that has overflown to a pile half a bookshelf high.

My mom brought me a salad for lunch after church since we were having a couple hour long meeting.


I have spent .11 cents in 11 days.
I still have the $5 my mom gave me and didn’t use my $5 budget from last week.
Each time I was prepared to use my money, someone has blessed me and I’ve kept the $5.
I did pledge money to a Kickstarter that was funded. That hardly counts, in my opinion.
It’s not as difficult as I’d originally thought.


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