A Year of Challenge: August

Get. Ready. This month is gonna be a tough one. You’ve been thinking about this for awhile, so I’m going to make sure you remember the parameters you’ve set.

This month, you’re spending nothing but gas money.

In preparation for this month, you should have set aside some money. The idea is that the money that comes in this month stays. in. This month needed anticipation. No spending any money earned in August, BUT you should have a Target giftcard for things like shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste… and you should have a substantial amount of money on your Starbucks gift card. That’s it, though. You can use those, but when they’re gone… they’re gone. The only thing your paychecks will pay for this month is gas.

No thrift stores (I am already sobbing!), no senseless purchases at gas stations, no zoo souvenirs or taking advantage of great deals online. Don’t worry, this month includes a couple of tasks that will take up your time so you shouldn’t sit around feeling like there’s nothing to do that doesn’t require spending money.

August: Spend nothing but gas money for a month. 


  • Spend nothing but gas money for a month
  • Donate 101 items {not buying random items PLUS getting read of 101 things? You should’ve done this earlier!}
  • Write a book of babysitting stories and give a copy to every family mentioned. {have fun with these memories!}


  • Monthly self portrait {8/12}
  • Monthly flowers {8/12}
  • Monthly recipe – coconut cream fruit dip. Sorry if you hate all of these fruity recipes, but right now it’s the dead of winter and summer makes you think of fresh fruit.  {8/12}
  • Write 5 letters {90/101}
  • Document an ordinary day in pictures – how about August 28th? Michael Galeota’s birthday. You loved him when you were little. Find him on Facebook and tell him that. You know you’ve already looked him up. {8/10}

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