ashes to vinyl

after a conversation with ERNIE yesterday regarding the fact that some people in the world hate physical cds and albums, I was excited when KINK.FM posted this article.

basically, you can have your ashes pressed into a vinyl album that actually has music on it. only 24 minutes of music, though.

so I got to thinking. If I could somehow have 24 minutes of music to accompany a memory of my life, what would I pick?

this is my list

  • stop this train by john mayer {4:45}
  • out loud by david garza {2:32}
  • don’t wake her by ian mcglynn {4:15}
  • you’re the ocean by teitur {3:48}
  • forever by ben harper {3:24}
  • God gave me you by dave barnes {3:49}

total length: 22 minutes, 33 seconds


what would your 24 minute album consist of? {I used this calculator to add the time}


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