Hymned Again again

I somehow acquired a copy of Bart Millard’s Hymned No 1. Bart’s the lead singer of MercyMe, and it’s a bunch of bluegrassy renditions of hymns. I loved it and planned on buying Hymned Again when I came across it in real life.

May 10th, 2010 I saw a copy of it at a used CD store going out of business, so you best believe I snatched it up the moment I saw it.

I got back to the apartment and this happened.

Last night I finally went to the Rock & Worship Road Show. I’ve been trying to go for years, but we keep barely missing each other by a day. I’d go to San Francisco the day before they played there, but then the next day it’d be in Portland or something. You know, just ships passing in the night.

But finally.

And then…
at the MercyMe merch table…
for $5….


I bought that. and a new copy of the first one. and an extra copy of the first one to give to Captain Hilary.

Ask me how excited I am, because I can’t actually answer that with real words.

Also. That CD isn’t the only thing I’ve been wanting that I finally got.

I got my tax refund, and decided that if I didn’t get it while I had the extra money, I’d probably never do it…

So there’s that. And while we’re being all materialistic and talking about purchases, let’s go ahead and discuss the new Portland mug that Starbucks has….

Is it just me, or are those not adorable?

Yesterday, before the Rock and Worship Roadshow, Aaron helped us get in to see Tyrone at the Bing Lounge. Unfortunately he was playing on the same night, so that was all we got to see Tyrone. I’ve already saved the date for next time… whenever that will be.


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