Then who are you??

So for Bible study, we’re reading through the book of John… I think. But last week we read John 1:1-18 and now we read 19-34. Bible study starts.. well, soon. But check this.

John’s preparing the way for Christ, he’s testifying concerning the Light, and then some priests and co went to see him. They asked who he was.

the Prophet?

Who are you?

Because John was crazy. Faithful, absolutely.. but crazy, undoubtedly. Living in the wild, eating bugs and wearing animal hair and stuff.. seriously that sounds loony.

But he was doing the right thing. He was doing what God had called and prepared and MADE him to do. Remember how he leaped IN THE WOMB when Mary, pregnant with the Messiah, came to visit? It was so much a part of who he was that it went to his DNA – he responded before he even knew  or understand or was completely formed and able to respond.

And sometimes that looks crazy.

Sometimes it looks seriously crazy when we are faithful. 

Our stories are suddenly bolded, italicized, underlined and ALL CAPS. It’s big and it’s loud and it’s faithful. Being faithful to a God we cannot see is crazy.

But for those of us who are called and prepared and MADE to do that… it’s the most beautiful and only way to live.

This year is my big year of challenge, where I’m being all intentional about finishing my 101 in 1001 list and being proactive. Suddenly, people all around me are jumping on board. People are dreaming up their own lists; some are 101, some are only 30. It doesn’t matter, people are starting to get intentional.

We’ve been talking about being brave and creative and following God where we are and with who we have. Stories are flying about people who are making a difference, and we keep referencing Bob Goff and suddenly my life and the lives of my friends are pregnant with hope and excitement because we are starting to get more and more bold.

And I hope
and I pray

that the people around us will look at us and ask

“Who ARE you?,”

because our transformation, influence and impact will be unfathomable and crazy and we might look like lunatics who cannot deny or reject the moving and stirring of the Holy Spirit.

I want to be like John, a voice crying in the wilderness, a person whose DNA was formed to bring about a testimony concerning That Light, whose life is poured out in word and deed declaring,

“I have seen and I testify that this is the Son of God.” {John 1:34}