Twelve has been my favorite number since I was 10. It was – perhaps still is – my dad’s favorite number. 12 tribes of Judah, 12 disciples, 12 days of Christmas.. well, I don’t know about the last one but my dad told me about the first two when I was little. Every Saturday we went to the Christian Supply store kids hour, and one week there was a lady who made this cool drawing. They said they’d give it away to one kid, and they randomly asked an adult to pick a number between 1 and 50.

They picked my dad.

I picked 12.

Guess who won the drawing?

On Tuesday, Sarah and Abigail asked me what I was planning on doing to celebrate 12.12.12., since they have sharp memories and knew it was on my 101 list. So I started going off on this great list of ideas, stuff about giving away hot chocolate and rescuing 12 abandoned puppies and sewing 12 skirts.. joking, but still they were big ideas. I said “maybe the night before,” and Sarah interrupted me. “You mean tonight?” she asked.

And I realized… 12.12.12. had sneaked up on me and I was completely unprepared.

But you never need money or plans to celebrate something. I celebrated 12.12.12. by being completely in it. So here are 12 pictures from 12.12.12.

After days and days of being sick, I made my bed. I think it threw Princess off, because she sat like this for a few minutes.

Driving to get Micah.

Micah watched Allen’s performance on Jay Leno from the night before. Then Micah said “before we have lunch, we can ALWAYS watch Allen Stone on your computer, okay?”

I forgot to be ready to take a picture when the girls arrived home, so we decided to recreate it, but forgot some important elements like jackets, shoes and backpacks.

After lunch, Micah and I shared some hot cocoa and brownies. His looks like a heart, but really I’d tried to cut a small M.

We shared my scarf and read the book he borrowed from school. It was about Small Camel, and I loved it.

We had some guests for lunch.

Micah, Abi and I watched The Brave Little Toaster to the Rescue in the dark on his bed since his stomach hurt.

Sarah organized her embroidery thread…

…and graciously let me borrow some to make a friendship bracelet. Which didn’t work out so well, because I’m not actually that great at making friendship bracelets.

After the girls went to bed, I spent a little time reading A Thousand Gifts.

When I got home, my super-festive and so-far-favorite Birchbox was waiting for me.

…and I didn’t even get a phone-cap of 12:12 on 12/12/12! Oh well. I was fully there, and that’s what matters. Did you do anything special to celebrate 12/12/12?