Yesterday I sat in the Q Cafe, thinking about all of the memories I’ve had there. I’m really sentimental about stuff, in case you hadn’t noticed. I remember the first time I ever walked in there. I was picking up some fliers that Brandon had left for an upcoming show I’d agreed to help promote because I knew the other band. It seems both like it was just yesterday and like it was fifteen years ago. Weird how things can be like that.

So I thought about how many times I’d seen Allen there. The last time I saw him was a Friday night, August of 2009 or something. I remember saying to myself, “remember this moment, because this is going to be a special moment.” It was the first time I looked around and realized that there were a whole bunch of people I’d never seen, there to see Allen.. who they didn’t know.

Last night Allen packed the Paramount, and it was amazing, especially having sat at the Q Cafe a few short hours prior.

I recorded weird parts of it, like the crowd cheering before he came on, or when they sang his songs when he stopped singing. Things I wanted to cherish in my heart forever.

And the two girls sitting in front of us. They were SO excited. I was excited, Mei-Ling was excited.. but they made the whole thing even better. I loved watching them, and I don’t even mean that in a creepy way. They danced and sang and freaked out over pictures they took, and… it was awesome.

Tears sneaked out of my eyes for the better part of the hour and 15 minutes Allen played. I kept holding my hands over my heart and sighing, because of how much I love Allen and how much he deserves all of it. and more. If I could somehow grab a star and give it to him, he’d deserve that too.

and ps.. I got a new camera that was smaller and easier to throw in my pocket… but there has obviously been a decline in quality here. Oh well.. my heart has it recorded in HD for the rest of my life 🙂

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