7 deadly sins.


just in case you ever needed proof that i am secretly the most boring person you’ve ever met. i did list rose-tu, the pregnant elephant as something i’m proud of… as if i am responsible at all for that happening.


seven great things in your life.
1. friends that dream
2. the pacific northwest being my home
3. now that it’s cold outside, my cat sleeps on my bed every night again.
4. my church. and my corps officers.
5. pourover coffee.
6. a pregnant elephant at the zoo.


seven things you lack and covet.
1. discipline
2. whistling tunes
3. longer fingernails
4. long hair… sigh.
5.  the ability to sew.
6. a garden
7. organizational skills


seven things that make you angry
1. christians who ignore homeless people.
2. people who use social media to overshare.
3. human trafficking.
4. glee seasons 3 and 4.
5. when i don’t understand things.
6. spilling coffee on myself.
7. killing elephants just for their tusks πŸ™


seven things that you neglect to do.
1. respond to e-mail/facebook messages/internet communication
2. clean the stuff up off my floor
3. blog consistently
4. laundry. it usually gets really desperate before i do it.
5. pray. i’m really terrible at praying.
6. practice the piano. my skills have plateaued because i don’t practice, i just play.
7. listen. i’m great at talking but not so great at listening.


seven worldly material desires.
1. love does by bob goff
2. a nice camera.
3. a hybrid.
4. mint green skinny jeans.i don’t even know, don’t even ask.
5. an apartment. sigh.
6. another bookcase.


seven guilty pleasures.
1. girl scout thin mints. me and all of america, right?
2. facebook stalking.
3. stupid, cheesy girl books
4. any and all mtv real world/road rules challenges
5. reading books late at night
6. collecting mugs from thrift stores.
7. okay, thrift stores in general.


seven things you love about love
1. friendship.
2. inside jokes and shared memories.
3. not always having to do things alone.
4. remembering the little things.
5. growing.
6. butterflies
7. love makes the world sparkly.