18/31 days of madeleine

“Inspiration usually comes during work, rather than before it.”

Remember how Beckie and I went to that NaNoWriMo thing on Monday? Well since then I keep thinking about writing and then I start worrying and wondering how I’m going to write all of those words, because I never know what I should write about.

And I hardly ever know what I want to write about, but if I give myself enough time I discover it. Or rather, it discovers me. I am trying to remind myself of that, not just in writing but in life. We do not discover what we love by staying inside and thinking about trying something. A plane doesn’t sit at a gate and then shoot straight up in the air. The takeoff is important, but it can’t happen without motion.

So I’m trusting that I’ll survive November by remembering that motion leads to takeoff, and a takeoff leads to flying.

I’m also trusting that I’ll survive the winter outwardly and inwardly by remembering that motion leads to takeoff which leads to flying.


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