hi! i’m in california! it’s hot. and i have been biting my nails a lot recently.

{31/365 – watched blue like jazz with my dad}

{32/365 yves, my worldvision child, is growing up!}

{33/365 – spent some time with the best tucker i know}

{34/365 – one of the reasons i love weddings so much is because i get to be around people i love. like this adorable little boy.}

{35/365 – i often sleep with my books on my bed. they keep me company}

{36/365 – nothing left on my to-do list. that felt good}

{37/365 – micah and i picked blackberries}

{38/365 – went to a bible study in kalama. it was so peaceful and lovely. pictures didn’t capture it, of course. but i tried.}

{39/365 – new coasters.}

{40/365 – the packing process. aka “what MIGHT i want to wear in the next 3 weeks?”}

{41/365 – rob and baby leilah. the face she is making! i can’t handle it!}

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