{006/365} last minute

a few days ago, emily and i left and i asked if she had her camera. she said “no, but i have my ipod.” and i said ipod/phone pictures didn’t count. she asked why and i, in typical myself style, said “they just don’t.”

but yesterday i sang a different tune. our day was pretty busy and then i stayed at the nottle’s watching the closing ceremony {HELLO, SPICE GIRLS!} and didn’t get back to my cabin until it was time for bed. and as i was about to snuggle into bed, i realized “I HAVEN’T TAKEN A PICTURE!” and my camera was in a different room. so i grabbed my phone and took a picture of the last thing i see before i go to bed. it’s like my night stand, i guess.

it is an absolutely beautiful day here at camp arnold and i am excited to live it.