{5.2.2012} 20 books down.

at the beginning of the year, i made a goal to read 40 books this year. as i moved the latest book i finished from “currently-reading ” to “read” on goodreads, i realized i’m halfway there! and i’m 17%, or 7  books, ahead of schedule. AWESOME.

here’s a look at the books i’ve read so far this year.

{bottom right – top l}

harry potter and the half-blood prince/the deathly hallows.
in november i started re-reading the hp series, and finished it up at the beginning of the year. and of course i cried and followed it by watching all  of the movies. and cried during those. i’m so excited for pottermore to add the rest of the books, because i love reading more about the characters and the stories. {do you have pottermore? add me! i’m FeatherCloak20677}

how to teach filthy rich girls
you know what i love? i love thrift stores. and i love when thrift stores have things half off, because you can buy things you normally wouldn’t buy… like this book. i blame this book for all of the chick-lit on my list. the main character in this book, whatever her name was, kind of reminded me of my very good friend jami. which was weird, because i absolutely hated the main character.. and i definitely don’t hate jami.

confessions of a shopaholic {and shopaholic takes manhattan, ties the knot, & sister, & baby, mini-shopaholic}
somehow i’ve had a copy of shopaholic takes manhattan for years and upon finding the first one at a thrift store, decided to read the pair. except i couldn’t just stop there, since i knew there were more. so i took many trips to many thrift stores and eventually collected and read them all. the books give me extreme anxiety because she is ridiculous. but i love her ridiculousness.

someday my prince will come
when i finished reading this, i realized that i lack etiquette. and i loved this book. by the way. it’s nice to read about others big, crazy dreams and the lengths they’ll go to in order to see the dreams realized.

something borrowed/blue
when this movie came out, cassie was telling me what it was about and the whole time i kept saying “this is ENTERTAINMENT? no wonder our world is so messed up!” and then at a 1/2 off sale at the thrift store, i saw a pile of emily griffin books {they were .50 each!} so i bought them, and read two of them. i really don’t like entertainment that romanticizes or idealizes being a terrible friend and being selfish, which probably is why i didn’t LOVE these books but just thought they were alright.

can you keep a secret?
this might be my favorite sophie kinsella book so far. i started reading it on the train down to california, and had finished it very early on in the trip. i’ve started to see a very clear character/plot pattern in her books, but why mess with a good thing, right?

twenties girl
lauren checked this book out from the library for me! it was a big book, lots of pages. and weirdly, it was a ghost story. it wasn’t my favorite book, probably because of the whole ghost thing. but it’s sophie kinsella, so the book is funny and has a slight element of light-hearted mystery.

the books of ember
three years ago, jen arens gave me these books and told me to read them. the first three books came in one book, so it was fairly large and kind of intimidating. but i have been trying to finish this 40 book goal and have decided to tackle the many unread books on my bookshelf. the actual writing in these books wasn’t very strong, but i really loved the stories. book 3, the prophet of yonwood was too long and boring and felt unnecessary.. but i stuck with it. then jen told me to keep the books, so i passed it on to abigail, my favorite little reader.

sweet little lies
first of all, i bought this at a thrift store without realizing it was the 2nd book in a series. so that was cool. second of all, i don’t just think “sweet little lies,” i sing in my head “la la la la la la la sweet little lies” like the dave barnes song “little lies.” reading this book felt like i was watching the hills. which was kinda cool, because i loved the hills. lauren conrad could make asparagus cupcakes with coconut mayonaisse frosting and i’d probably try it, just because i think lauren conrad is great.

the undomestic goddess
lauren had checked this book out for me along with twenties girl, but i didn’t have time to get past the 3rd page. i saw it for sale on yardsellr, and redeemed all of my photons to buy the book. and i’m glad i did. mostly because i want to collect all of sophie kinsella’s books {oh my gosh, i think she’s my favorite chick-lit author} but also because i LOVED this book. my second favorite main character in kensella’s novels {next to becky!}.

the diamond of darkhold
refer to everything i wrote about the books of ember.


…have you read any good books this year? or have you read any of these?