{04.26.12} thursday thoughts001


is it summer yet? these people and breakfast in the same room with them needs to be a part of my daily routine ASAP.


ALLEN STONE is phenomenal. if i could see him perform every night of my life… i would, and i wouldn’t even get tired of it. every little thing he does is magic.

the first week of june is going to be full of so much adventure and fun that i will daily need to tell myself to stop being anxious and enjoy today, or else i’ll miss out on the next month of life because of my anticipation.

i love mail. i love getting packages in the mail. and i love when i lay out everything that came for me in the mailbox on any given day, and it looks like this:

{a free starbucks drink from my gold card, biore pore strips i got from redeeming my prove it! rewards points, a sample of biore make-up removing towelettes i got for being a part of the prove it! rewards points program, and my winnings from an ebay auction: a legally blonde program, playbill, and little backpack. my other one was a part of a tragic and messy lotion explosion in my trunk a few years ago, and i thought i was replacing it.. but this one is different and even cooler}


i love baby elephants. a lot. their little floppy trunks are so adorable.