{4/16/12} dear monday[001]

this is a picture of what happens every time i press “add new” under the post category and stare at the empty fields.

i just sit there, like this, and stare. for hours, sometimes. i’ll think “i should post pictures from california,” and then i think “why would anybody care to see that?” and then i think “i should write about the book i’m reading,” and then i think “that’s kind of boring…” and then i turn my computer off and wonder why i can’t ever think of anything to write.

so i’m caving.

i’m trying these link ups. sarah and meghan {both with h, i had to remind myself} consistently do the same two linkups each week and i always think “that is so cool….” and then i never do it. but i just wikipedia’d the ending of the book i’m reading and i’m not quite ready to finish cleaning up the mess i made on saturday night, so here goes nothing.

{linking up with megan of the happy day blog}

dear monday, i wish you were a little less grey. and i wish you were about fifteen hours longer today.

dear dad, thank you for hugging me really tight when i cried and for listening to me fling words out of my mouth and for standing with me at the calendar while i pointed out every single day i am busy between now and when i go to camp. and thanks for giving me $11 unexpected dollars. it made me feel so rich i almost considered buying a car, and then i realized that all of those 0’s are not just for show. i love you.

dear nose, STOP RUNNING.

dear ikea dresser, i am so happy to have you {thank you mom} and you are just as beautiful as i had always imagined you’d be. i cannot wait to fill you up.

dear the prophet of yonwood, you are a very long book and i’ve only been interested in figuring out your place in the ember series. now that i’ve wikipedia’d, it’s going to take all of my self-control to finish your last hundred pages.

dear pottermore {and the sorting hat}, thank you for sorting me into gryffindor. i think i am the neville longbottom of gryffindor; kind of out of place until the pressure is on. i can be brave when i need to be. i was worried that answering sincerely would make me a hufflepuff {insert a joke here} but literally let out a sigh of relief when i saw GRYFFINDOR. also pottermore, thanks for being open to everyone.