march 12th, 2012 {back to the sun, back to the shore}

the minute i saw that bailey hanks would be reprising her role of elle woods in a production of legally blonde the musical a short drive outside of san francisco, i knew two things. #1. i must go. #2. i must take lauren. so i went, and i took lauren. it was a much needed few nights with the birksfam and in california. i think emily and i both underestimated how much we actually love california until we were back.

{one} our trip obviously started at starbucks, where we got coffee and breakfast. while we waited for our order, i wrote directions on the sandwich bag.

{two} it was funny to be welcomed to california with snow. we took the 101, which was absolutely BEAUTIFUL, especially compared with the rather flat, yellow path of i5 through northern california. the redwoods… so beautiful.

{three} suddenly the pacific ocean was just right there. big and beautiful and expansive. we pulled over to look at it, and emily got really emotional. so i took a picture, of course.

{four} i don’t know what magic they’re talking about, but that’s alright.

{five} when we told stacy about willits, she knew exactly where we were talking about and said that willits is about the place where you start to go crazy, which made us laugh hysterically because we went crazy in willits. this is for emily more than anyone else, so we can always remember the insanity we experienced in the two miles of willits. maybe three.
  • “willits willits.”
  • yum yum tree
  • great! chinese food
  • “this is so weird, i’ve worked here for 6 months and this is my second time having someone pay by debit card.. the other one happened today!”
  • pinecone motel

….did i miss any??

{six} the grand finale of our 101 trip was the crossing of the golden gate bridge, something i’ve only done one other time. we were so excited about it…. until the signs for the toll booths had two options: fastrak or cash only. we had no cash. so the $6 toll ended up costing me nothing immediately, but $31 by mail thanks to a ticket. oh well…. {ain’t nobody gone break my stride, ain’t nobody gonna hold me down.. oh no… i got to keep on moving}

{seven} and then the next evening i went with lauren and graham to see legally blonde. and during the musical i decided that i absolutely could see the musical every night of my life and never get tired of it. it was brilliant, the choreography was awesome.. except that at one point, elle woods put a black computer bag on her shoulder and lauren and i both quickly began an exchange about how awful that was. my exact words were “that is FOUL.”

{eight} graham, myself and lauren. you can’t tell, but graham was wearing a pink shirt. he is just that fantastic.

{nine} lauren and i waited at the stage door to meet bailey. she won the mtv reality contest “legally blonde the musical: the search for the next elle woods.” i was team bailey from episode 1, so it was really exciting to see her be elle woods. and it was even more exciting to share it with lauren, who was already aware of who bailey was.

{ten} as we were leaving, we saw frankie mulcahy, who played warner, and decided to get a picture with him. he was like.. ridiculously beautiful.

{eleven} on our way back we were in desperate need of a pick-me-up around medford, oregon. so we stopped at starbucks. when we would drive from pacifica to camp redwood glen, we’d always stop at starbucks first and get frappucinos. for the most part, i only get frappucinos in the car with emily.


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