february 21st, 2012 – TWOsday.

simple. two things i love.

#1. john mayer

john recently released a snippet
of a new song, shadow days
from his new album, born and raised

{i realized it rhymed so i made that into a poem}

i like quotes. fact. and beyond quotes, i like lyrics. because lyrics are quotes with an easy way to remember them word for word. and the lyrics i like the most, have always liked the most, are john mayer’s. and probably the lyric i love the most, because it is constantly becoming more and more true:

if you wanna know the moment
i knew that i was still alone
i found i’d never learned your number
i only stored it in my phone.
~john mayer, tracing

yesterday anna, laurie and i went to the zoo. and it was kinda rainy and a little cold. and the moment i put on an oversized sweatshirt and sweat pants and sat down with a hot cup of almond tea, i felt like my soul sighed. my entire being just felt rested and safe and warm. and that is how i feel when i listen to john mayer. i feel rested, safe and warm. i have a playlist on itunes called “aaaa” {just so it will be at the top} and i often listen to it while laying in bed with the lights off and candles lit, staring at the stars on my ceiling. sometimes i cry and sometimes i just lay there and let myself feel safe in john mayer’s voice.

these are the songs on that playlist {which i always put on shuffled repeat, starting with free fallin}

  • free fallin {live}
  • stop this train {live}
  • home life {live}
  • quiet
  • man on the side
  • the heart of life {live}
  • in your atmosphere {live}
  • wheel
  • tracing
  • split screen sadness
  • slow dancing in a burning room {village sessions acoustic version}

#2. sequins

i have ALWAYS loved shiny, glittery things. always. and you know what? i spent most of my childhood/adolescence taking dance classes, which meant i got to wear shiny, glittery things. exhibits a and b.

that’s me on the bottom left, with the sequins tap outfit. and me on the right with my shiny green shirt. we were the 7 dwarfs.

but lately i just think about sequins ALL. THE. TIME. and i see a pair of pants and go “i wish you had sequins all over you” or i contemplate wearing a dress and find myself apologizing for liking it less because it has no glitter.

and there’s a fairly good chance that i’ve spent countless hours over the past two weeks looking at online stores and adding lots of shine to my online shopping cart. unfortunately it will all stay in my online shopping cart and will never make it to my house. but maybe someone can teach me how to sew sequins on every piece of clothing i own.

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