february 1, 2012 – all was well.

guess what! i still have been taking one picture every day. anna took part in a picture a day thing or january, but by the time i’d seen it, i was too late to jump on board. so when the same thing started up for february – and lots of my friends are doing it – i was like “yessssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

it is february first, which means it is my favorite month, bearing my favorite holiday. valentine’s day! valentine’s day, to me, is like the world woke up and said “let’s celebrate the existence of stephanie orefice!” so i am wearing my valentine pajama shorts, even though it’s a bit chilly. whatever it’s FEBRUARY!

today, just a day shy of two months exactly, i finished re-reading harry potter. and so this is “my view.” it is what i have been craning to see and glancing towards and anticipating for nearly two months. this sentence. this final, conclusive hope.

{32/365 – fine}