101 in 1001

a few years ago i made a 101 in 1001 list. and it was full of really ridiculous things, stupid things that i put on there in hopes of using the list to become a “better” person. i’d hoped that by being able to complete that list, i’d transform from a caterpillar into a butterfly, becoming some new person as a result.

so that failed. because a list like this isn’t about changing your identity; it’s about living more in your own identity.

that said, i have created a new list for myself. and i’m not starting on january 1st, because it’s not a resolution. i made my list of 20 – 11’s and it’s been fun and great, but it kind of had the same feel as my first 101 list. i never took LIFE into account.

i have spent time over the past month or so making the list which is at the top of my page where it says 101 in 1001. and i’m ready to go.

last night i went and saw allen stone at mississippi studios. and let me tell you…. ugh. so proud of him. i almost cried when i was walking back to my car because i am SO HAPPY for his success and the way people embrace and love him. he deserves it. all of it.

i took a 2 hour nap, drank some coffee, went to the airport, drank more coffee, and now i am sitting at seatac. boarding is about to begin.

…and then i will be in los angeles. {!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!}


ps i totally just realized i can write blogs and set them to publish later, and that is really exciting.